Hi, I’m Donna Reish, life-long dieter, homeschooler of thirty-two years (finishing June 2016!), blogger, parenting seminar writer (Raising Kids With Character), curriculum author of over fifty curriculum books in language arts and writing (Character Ink Press), fifty-something year old mom of seven, Christ-follower, ballroom dancer, happy wife, and newly-turned Plexus Ambassador (which will be ending my aforementioned role as life-long dieter as I lose my last thirty pounds in 2016….Plexus takes away carb cravings and reduces appetite, so you never feel like you are dieting!).

I would love to help you with your health goals to lose weight, have more energy, balance blood sugars, gain motivation, reduce inches and fat, gain motivation, improve gut health, and more. Plexus does it all! Sit down and join me as I teach my readers about Plexus products and low carb cooking (through fast mixes!).
Plexus to Feel Great is Donna Reish’s Plexus Ambassador blog! On this blog, you can find many things:

1) Information about how the Plexus products work
2) Testimonials from people who have been helped with Plexus products
3) My podcast, Donna’s Pink Journal, in which I chronicle my Plexus journey each week
4) Low carb/healthy recipes for those desiring to follow a low carb eating plan along with their Plexus products
5) Inspiring blog posts about health, wellness, and Plexus!
6) Motivation and education for my Plexus team


You can also find me talking about Plexus in other places:

1) Plexus to Feel Great FB page
2) Donna’s Plexus Peeps for those on my team of ambassadors or those considering becoming a Plexus Ambassador
3) Plexus to Feel Great Audio Blog